Let’s Get Ridiculous #2

What do you get when you cross 1930s “Beach Pajamas”

with body chains?

Litter is a Ridiculous (fully intentional capital R) and fabulous San Francisco based jewelry company run by two sisters, Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick. They are queens and wizards of chain + body jewelry. Definitely worth checking out. Click on the photo to visit their website.


At first glance this lovely piece by One Teaspoon looks like a flowing black dress with chain sleeves.

Take a closer look.

Voila! Jumper meets palazzo pants.

Check out the back. Adorable covered buttons. If the diaphanous pant legs or chain sleeves didn’t sell it for you…

To be worn with ease and a smile. Olivia has tipped her hat to the 70’s with a great pair of Roberto del Carlo platforms.

One piece-palazzo pant-jumper-wonder suit: One Teaspoon

(available at The Red Balloon Ltd)

Platforms: Robert del Carlo


Curious about beach pajamas or as the Brits say pyjamas ? I definitely was. Check out this post on the British Pathe blog. It covers a bit of beach pajama history, modern reinventions, and some glorious 1920s and 1930s film footage.

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